Assignment – Introducing Yourself

Introducing Yourself

Brief – Design a set of at least 3 postcards that say something about who you are, and your interests.


The first thing I did was a couple of brainstorms about me and my graphical interests.


I chose to do 4 postcards, the subjects being Family, Tattoos, Science Fiction and Fantasy. I chose these because I think that they give a good idea of who I am and my interests. My plan is to choose one or more of my graphical interests and designs my subjects based on those styles.

Scan 1 Scan 2 Scan 3 Scan 4

Next I looked up some images to support my brainstorms.

Graphic Interests

1920’s to 1950’s Advertising

oxo Molby Lucky Strike HMV

Graphic Novels

Comic4 Comic3 Comic2 Comic1


meme1 meme2 meme3 meme4 (made using meme generator on iphone)

Tattoo Artists

Angelique Hautkamp


Nikko Hurtardo


Mike Devries


Science Fiction

FireFly M Falcon MFalcon top Tardis Serenity topRalph_McQuarrie_A_Wing


Eye of S Precious Eye of Sauron GoT Throne Lampost Lampost and children lion face Lion-1 lotr ring 48387-game-of-thrones-house-sigils


Drawing of our family by Jesse Haylett (aged 4)

GD log1-7

Pat's family tree family-tree FamilyTree

Looking at existing postcards

I had a look online to see if I could find postcards that represent the subjects and interests I wanted to base my cards on.

1920’s postcards

M. Montedoro 4 Art deco p.card 4652882036_debf919505 Arthur Thiele Bathing belle Postcard

Graphic Novel postcards

PFTF 16pp_final 14_11aw:Layout 1

Tattoo postcards

A vintage postcard of Artoria Gibbons, the Tattooed Lady, 1920s russian-criminal-tattoo-encyclopaedia-postcardsartbook_2270_1149738877

Family postcards

TACAWalking Wurst Family

Science fiction postcards

vintage_science_fiction_futuristic_city_flying_car_postcard-r6ab8396f73d44cb4aaf53edd9c33f529_vgbaq_8byvr_324 retro_vintage_kitsch_sci_fi_pulp_robot_postcard-r7c17285ef0264ec3aecc5ebd65d2219d_vgbaq_8byvr_512 retro_vintage_sci_fi_kitsch_space_girl_postcard-r95002afcb3c3463b9743f476aac93195_vgbaq_8byvr_512 who-postcards.jpg?w=300&h=300

Fantasy postcards

BLOGSb'flyHANDS 002 p-leoofpradot.jpg CATS3

I noticed that the postcards all look quite old fashioned, probably due to them more fashionable then than they are today. I think this works well for my 1920’s ideas.


With all the images and subject ideas in place, I started designing my Tattoo postcard.

My first idea was to follow the process, so I took a picture of my tattooist and turned him into a stencil using carbon paper.

Bear Stencil

Although I like this image, it’s reasoning is not immediately clear. So I decided to try and follow Angelique’s process using the same image.

AH Process

GD log1-4

Bear Angeliqued

I’m pleased with this image. I followed a similar process and the outcome is fitting for what I want to use it for. I like the look of the MOLBY advert (above, in 1920’s research) and wanted to incorporate this image in to something like that.

Postcards final-2

This follows the process I wanted, but after some feedback and looking back over my work, the advert is for a machine, but the machine itself features very little in the final piece. I’m happy with the wording, I chose to write it like this because old adverts claimed ridiculous things, based on what they wanted to sell as opposed to facts.

These are the sort of images that I think should feature in my advert.

Machine3 Machine2 Machine1


Royal Rowena1


Next I wanted to work on my science fiction postcard. After brainstorming and sketching some ideas, I decided that ships are the strongest and most recognisable imagery.

Scan Scan 1

I have, in the past seen some fan art that had recreated images with quotes from the film/series and tried it out with the ships.

Tardis quotes

Although I like the idea of this, I can’t seem to get it quite right. The image has quotes on it as opposed to being made of quotes. Also, it raises the question, would I have just one card with 3 ships on it or 3 ships on one card? And if there were 3 ships made up of quotes, would the writing be big enough to see?

I went back to my sketchbook and decided to put all 3 ships (Serenity, Millennium Falcon and the Tardis) into one image.


Scifi card

I wanted to follow a similar theme with the Fantasy postcard, so looked at what I thought would be good images from 3 of my favourite stories, Lord of the Rings, Narnia and Game of Thrones.

GoT Throne Lampost Precious

Thronepostring mock up

The shapes of these images do not work well together.

I went back to my brainstorm, and decided to try out a house sigil and motto.

GD log1-16 GD log1-17 GD log1-18


Postcards final-1

For my Family postcard, I wanted to go back to the style of 1920’s adverts.

I decided that from the few ideas I had, I’d chose to do something with a family tree. I wanted to use a plain tree with no leaves that would translate well into black and white, and images of myself and my husband to illustrate the people in the family.


Postcards final

I turned it into a family tree making/tracking service so that it would fit into an advert. I used the font and address as a cross over from my other interests.

Overall, as my first assignment, I’m pleased with how this went. Looking back over it, I think that the process could have been clearer and more consistent. This was a steep learning curve for me, and I have picked up a lot about research, process and the systems I use on my computer.


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